Survival with a Toddler in a Post Superstorm World

So this week has been ridiculous for everyone, and definitely far more stressful for others than for me, but I’ve had my share as well. Powers on…powers off. Powers on….it’s off again. We are cozy and warm….we are freezing and have no gas left to drive anywhere. Lines for gas are better..then they get worse. It’s pretty much a really intense rollercoaster and what isn’t helping is the fact that I have been shut inside an at times dark and chilly house with an almost two year old pretty much exclusively for the past two weeks. NO ONE ELSE is around. My poor husband is working overtime at his job because no one else can get there, so its just the ladies at home. Which is great. Until thats all it is for like forever and you can’t even drive to Target because you don’t have enough gas!!

Soooo what do you do when you are shut in and not always with power with a wriggly kid?? Allow me to tell  you some of the things we’ve done:

1)Baked when we could- when power is on and we need to keep busy, we bake. We made muffins and cookies and she loves helping out. Cooking with toddlers is great, but you gotta go with the flow and not worry about the mess. Sure she ends up pouring half the flour on the floor by accident, but its okay! Just add some more in and pray it binds up okay!

2) Coloring and painting- we colored and painted a lot. She has a whole section of the kitchen table devoted to her art supplies so she hops up and colors a bit, then climbs down and goes about her day. She has even started putting caps back on markers. whoot!

3) Glass markers on the back door- we use these because its super fun to draw on things mommy usually says no to. I broke them out a few times when she was super crabby because we couldn’t go outside and it got a nice 20 minutes of calm happy coloring.

4) We made tambourines:

5) We made a fort out of blankets and pillows- This one made her happy. She’d crawl inside with a flashlight and read books!

6) We went trick or treating!

7) We made coffee filter turkeys and sang silly preschool finger play type songs:

8) We made a headdress for her to wear on Thanksgiving!

She looks drunk here, sorry, no good pictures to be had!

9) We ran around and danced and screeched without pants!

10) We even played in the snow today…though those pictures are all on my phone so you can’t see em. This morning I actually just threw her in the car and drove to my moms since we had no power and she did, but when we got there I realized all the kid wanted to do was play in the snow. And here I was, grumpy and tired and cold and not thinking at all about the wonder of snow. So there we go…bundled up, outside, and she had the best time ever. Kids really do make you see the best in things and so really, she helped me survive too!



No sooner did I vow to update this blog more frequently than Sandy came to town and knocked out my power for four days.

I must say, last year when we lost power for four days after Irene, it wasn’t that big of a deal as it was summer and warm and light until 9pm. This time, it was bad. Cold, dark very early, and a two year old who isn’t fond of the dark to begin with refused to sleep around here. We did the best we could to keep busy during the days, but the other big difference is the level of chaos around us this time. There was nowhere to go after the storm to get warm for a day or two. No way out of my town. No cell service. Scary stuff!

This storm has destroyed large parts of the neighborhood around me, and far far beyond my cozy little bubble. Houses are gone, basements are flooded and beyond repair, power lines are still down everywhere and so many trees are uprooted completely….I could go on but to be honest I’m not the best at articulating this kind of thing. I’m more a comedy writer when you get down to it, and serious things are hard for me to discuss, verbally or otherwise.

We were so very lucky through all of this. Only four days of no power. FOUR! It might have been frustrating playing flashlight tag in the pitch black with a crying toddler, but so what? It lasted four days and others still have no lights and its gotten much much colder. We got gas the day before there wasn’t any so we have not had to sit in any lines just yet, still conserving what we have and hoping we will luck out again and not have to wait. All my immediate family is safe and their houses are okay, they might not all have power but that’s small compared to others. All around me people have lost everything  and are cold and frustrated and I still feel so humbled and inadequate that I can’t do enough to help them. I can’t even drive anywhere to help them because I don’t have any gas!

So all I can do is offer my small little blog space that three people read and let you know that I send my love and prayers to those who lost so much and hope that normalcy can return soon.

WordPress is a Big Fat Jerk!

So I’ve been a terrible blogger recently, and I’m seriously going to put the blame on WordPress. I have no idea why, but it seems to hate me!


A few weeks ago I posted a super great post about Fall Cooking and cooking with Toddlers with lots of great links and advice and pictures…..and WordPress ate all of it but the title. What the hell?! I even tried bringing up saved versions and all of it was gone! So then I was mad and did not blog for a very long time.


This is not the first time it has done this to me but it was defintely the longest entry lost.  So I guess now that I have let myself be mad for awhile I’ll get over it and blog again.


So later today I’ll attempt to re write my super awesome entry. Or else I”ll do report cards even though I’m sure school shall be cancelled til Wed due to the mega storm. I wish it were a snow storm, those are always less scary to me! We’ll see what happens I guess!




I was going to post a whole thing about how I’ve been fighting the Fall and school starting and blah blah blahdy blah, but now I have decided to embrace it and how I went Fall clothes shopping and it was great, and how I have meat sauce bubbling on the stove for lasagna and all these great cozy things.


But then I tried to log into my wordpress account and it took me like 20 tries to remember my password.

For some reason, no matter what I change my password to be on any given site or email, I will promptly forget it. It’s really kind of ridiculous. For awhile I had the SAME password for EVERYTHING. Now, I know that this in particular is a really bad idea what with hackers and scammers and all that junk. But then after like a week or two I FORGOT which sites had the same word and locked myself out of all of them. So I had to reset and get a new one and then I’d forget which sites had the new one and which had the old one and really, I’m back to square one.

I even tried writing the passwords down! I tried twice. The first time I wrote them down and then hid the paper somewhere “safe”. Now unfortunately the passwords were hidden so safely, I forgot where I hid them. I actually found the old hidden sheet filled with passwords from like 2001 just the other day when I was rifling through my desk drawers for pushpins. Yeah, that helped me when I needed it back then!! The second time I tried to write them down was more recently. I decided the note did not need to be hidden because I’d never find it.  (I do learn from my mistakes!) So I kept it next to my computer. But guess what? The Kid found it. And now I once again have no clue where it is.

So I’m not sure what the point of my post is anymore other than to say that all these passwords are really kind of throwing me off of life! I can’t remember how to access my netflix or check my email or even enter my pampers gifts to grow points without a very elaborate password changing process!!

But yeah, Fall weather? Hot Chocolate and cozy fleece pants? I’m totally ready for that! Perhaps this year I will carve my passwords onto my jack o’lantern for safe keeping?

She’s Crafty!

A week or two ago, I suddenly was overcome with the crafting/organization itch. Since this is almost the Fall and new seasons always make me want to change things and reorganize, I was so excited I pretty much ran right out and bought my supplies!

I decided that I wanted to turn my basement door into a sort of kid friendly art station. I wanted the top to hold her artwork and the bottom to be a little blackboard for her to draw on. The kid LOVES any kind of art supply so I figured she’d be excited about it!

Well, it seemed easy enough: Buy magnetic paint and blackboard paint, and add accent colors. I figured I’d do the whole thing in a night!
It took more like two or three nights, but the results are pretty cool! A few things to keep in mind if you want to try this yourself:

1) Magnetic paint LIES about the application. If you only follow the directions and apply a mere 3 coats, nothing will stick to it. The attraction will be too weak. The paint has little particles of iron mixed in it, which is how a magnet sticks to it to begin with. But, if you don’t apply it super evenly and perfectly, the magnet won’t have enough pull to hold up a piece of paper. I found a website that suggested 6 coats using a very smooth foam roller. I didn’t have a very smooth roller, so I did 7 coats! It worked out okay!

2) Magnetic paint doesn’t really wipe up very easily. It sticks to everything and gets in the grooves. I had to touch up my door with extra white paint we luckily had around! So uh, be more careful than I was!

3) chalkboard paint also requires a few coats and a smooth roller if possible, though this is more so its easy to write on. I waited the suggested 3 days before coating it with chalk and wiping it down and it works awesome. A friend of mine was impatient and didn’t let it cure as the can says and it still works great for her too. So I guess you don’t have to be a rule follower on this one!


AFTER! (sorry it’s crooked, whoops!)

Either way, I’m happy! It looks cute, it works great, and the Kid kept smiling and pointing and calling the door “Pitty!” (that’s “Pretty” to those who don’t speak toddler-ease). She also loves drawing on it and erasing!


Small Anecdote!

Tonight I was tucking the kid in for the night. We have a routine where she brings up a toy she wants, we read some books and then she plays five minutes before she gets tucked in. Tonight we were up to playing and I was setting up her crib, helping her add her toys in, etc. I realized we left her stuffed animals that she always sleeps with downstairs, so I ran down to get them. I left her in her room with the door closed, as her room is kid proof and I didn’t want to drag her back down there for three seconds. I heard her give a giggle when I left and booked it down to get the toys. I returned and she was on tippy toes trying to reach her wipes, but whatever, no big deal right?!

A few minutes later she hands me her sippy cup and asks for some water as she drank it all. So, I figure, why not? And leave her in the room again to run to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I hear ANOTHER giggle, and decide to grab the monitor and see what this kid is up to!

As soon as I turn it on I hear her say out loud, “WOW! No mama!?” and look around laughing! Then she runs to the door and starts rustling the knob. I rush to fill her water in the bathroom and suddenly the door flies open and she runs into the hall cracking up and yelling “MAAAAAA!”

Oh man. We are in trouble now! The kid can open doors! If she ever figures out how to jump out of her crib, we are done for!!!