About Me:

Hi there. So it would appear that I’m one of those people who starts things and then…forgets about them. I used to have a food blog (okay, I still DO) but then I had a kid. And then I ran out of time! And when I did have time to blog, I didn’t always want to only write about food. I mean, I love food, love to eat it, see it, read about it, smell it…etc. etc. But, I also found myself wanting to share many of the humorous anecdotes from what is now my life: I work part time as an art teacher, and full time as a Mom to one super crazy little toddler. In my free time (ie: when she is asleep at night, cuz naps?! HA!) I like to cook, bake and make funky stuff. So even though there are zillions of blogs about this very subject, too bad, here’s another one! Only its called Smooshed Cookie because I feel that sums me up these days. I’m still my former pre-mom self a lot of the time, but there’s a bit of wear and tear now, you know? I can’t party like its 1999, only like its 7pm. But I’m hanging in there, and hope you do too!


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