No sooner did I vow to update this blog more frequently than Sandy came to town and knocked out my power for four days.

I must say, last year when we lost power for four days after Irene, it wasn’t that big of a deal as it was summer and warm and light until 9pm. This time, it was bad. Cold, dark very early, and a two year old who isn’t fond of the dark to begin with refused to sleep around here. We did the best we could to keep busy during the days, but the other big difference is the level of chaos around us this time. There was nowhere to go after the storm to get warm for a day or two. No way out of my town. No cell service. Scary stuff!

This storm has destroyed large parts of the neighborhood around me, and far far beyond my cozy little bubble. Houses are gone, basements are flooded and beyond repair, power lines are still down everywhere and so many trees are uprooted completely….I could go on but to be honest I’m not the best at articulating this kind of thing. I’m more a comedy writer when you get down to it, and serious things are hard for me to discuss, verbally or otherwise.

We were so very lucky through all of this. Only four days of no power. FOUR! It might have been frustrating playing flashlight tag in the pitch black with a crying toddler, but so what? It lasted four days and others still have no lights and its gotten much much colder. We got gas the day before there wasn’t any so we have not had to sit in any lines just yet, still conserving what we have and hoping we will luck out again and not have to wait. All my immediate family is safe and their houses are okay, they might not all have power but that’s small compared to others. All around me people have lost everything¬† and are cold and frustrated and I still feel so humbled and inadequate that I can’t do enough to help them. I can’t even drive anywhere to help them because I don’t have any gas!

So all I can do is offer my small little blog space that three people read and let you know that I send my love and prayers to those who lost so much and hope that normalcy can return soon.


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