WordPress is a Big Fat Jerk!

So I’ve been a terrible blogger recently, and I’m seriously going to put the blame on WordPress. I have no idea why, but it seems to hate me!


A few weeks ago I posted a super great post about Fall Cooking and cooking with Toddlers with lots of great links and advice and pictures…..and WordPress ate all of it but the title. What the hell?! I even tried bringing up saved versions and all of it was gone! So then I was mad and did not blog for a very long time.


This is not the first time it has done this to me but it was defintely the longest entry lost.  So I guess now that I have let myself be mad for awhile I’ll get over it and blog again.


So later today I’ll attempt to re write my super awesome entry. Or else I”ll do report cards even though I’m sure school shall be cancelled til Wed due to the mega storm. I wish it were a snow storm, those are always less scary to me! We’ll see what happens I guess!




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