I was going to post a whole thing about how I’ve been fighting the Fall and school starting and blah blah blahdy blah, but now I have decided to embrace it and how I went Fall clothes shopping and it was great, and how I have meat sauce bubbling on the stove for lasagna and all these great cozy things.


But then I tried to log into my wordpress account and it took me like 20 tries to remember my password.

For some reason, no matter what I change my password to be on any given site or email, I will promptly forget it. It’s really kind of ridiculous. For awhile I had the SAME password for EVERYTHING. Now, I know that this in particular is a really bad idea what with hackers and scammers and all that junk. But then after like a week or two I FORGOT which sites had the same word and locked myself out of all of them. So I had to reset and get a new one and then I’d forget which sites had the new one and which had the old one and really, I’m back to square one.

I even tried writing the passwords down! I tried twice. The first time I wrote them down and then hid the paper somewhere “safe”. Now unfortunately the passwords were hidden so safely, I forgot where I hid them. I actually found the old hidden sheet filled with passwords from like 2001 just the other day when I was rifling through my desk drawers for pushpins. Yeah, that helped me when I needed it back then!! The second time I tried to write them down was more recently. I decided the note did not need to be hidden because I’d never find it.  (I do learn from my mistakes!) So I kept it next to my computer. But guess what? The Kid found it. And now I once again have no clue where it is.

So I’m not sure what the point of my post is anymore other than to say that all these passwords are really kind of throwing me off of life! I can’t remember how to access my netflix or check my email or even enter my pampers gifts to grow points without a very elaborate password changing process!!

But yeah, Fall weather? Hot Chocolate and cozy fleece pants? I’m totally ready for that! Perhaps this year I will carve my passwords onto my jack o’lantern for safe keeping?


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