Small Anecdote!

Tonight I was tucking the kid in for the night. We have a routine where she brings up a toy she wants, we read some books and then she plays five minutes before she gets tucked in. Tonight we were up to playing and I was setting up her crib, helping her add her toys in, etc. I realized we left her stuffed animals that she always sleeps with downstairs, so I ran down to get them. I left her in her room with the door closed, as her room is kid proof and I didn’t want to drag her back down there for three seconds. I heard her give a giggle when I left and booked it down to get the toys. I returned and she was on tippy toes trying to reach her wipes, but whatever, no big deal right?!

A few minutes later she hands me her sippy cup and asks for some water as she drank it all. So, I figure, why not? And leave her in the room again to run to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I hear ANOTHER giggle, and decide to grab the monitor and see what this kid is up to!

As soon as I turn it on I hear her say out loud, “WOW! No mama!?” and look around laughing! Then she runs to the door and starts rustling the knob. I rush to fill her water in the bathroom and suddenly the door flies open and she runs into the hall cracking up and yelling “MAAAAAA!”

Oh man. We are in trouble now! The kid can open doors! If she ever figures out how to jump out of her crib, we are done for!!!


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