Cue Olympic Theme music….

Wow, how is it August already? I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Even though I only work two days now, I don’t want to go back to school!! I want to keep spending my days at the beach and the pool!

Anyway, I thought I should update this blog with some kind of something, so here goes. Let’s talk Olympics!!

I LOVE the Olympics. I think it must be because I am about as unathletic as they come. When I was younger and forced to take awful gym classes, I was ALWAYS the last one picked. I was scraggly and wimpy and when any kind of sphere came towards me my first instinct was to put out my hands and block my face and scream. So I suppose in retrospect I do understand why I was always picked last. But still! As a result I’ve never liked any kind of sport really. Never got into any teams or games or whatever.

Except for the Olympics. Whether it’s Summer or Winter (thought Winter is my ultimate favorite!), there is something about an event that happens only once every few years, where the people who participate are the very very best, who have a hope and a dream and train and persevere no matter what…Oh man I’m getting weepy just thinking about it!! I love everything the Olympics stands for and I really think it has to be such an amazing thing to actually BE there participating, whether you win or not!

Of course, because I love the Olympics so much, it is definitely starting to take its toll. Our DVR is maxed out because I tape hours of coverage. I don’t know why they refuse to show my most favorite Summer sport, Synchronized Swimming, during prime time, but they won’t! So I have to tape it all over the place at weird times of the day and watch it after The Kid goes to sleep. She does not seem to have the same zest for the Olympics and will sadly point at the TV and then at her Mickey doll and then at the TV again going “TEESE!?” (please) til I have pity and change it. So anyway, then I ALSO have to tape prime time, and watch that too! So I’ve been up til like 1am or later every night since the Olympics began because I can’t stop watching and I have hours to catch up on!!

It’s rough, let me tell you! So honestly, even though I’ll be so sad when they are over this weekend, I think it will be a relief. I will no longer have the responsibility of making sure I don’t miss any exciting story or triumphant win or miss a horrible disappointment somewhere in these games. Someone has to see it all! I’m doing the best I can! In fact, if there were medals for Olympic viewing, I’m fairly sure I’ve secured at least the bronze 🙂

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