She’s Crafty!

A week or two ago, I suddenly was overcome with the crafting/organization itch. Since this is almost the Fall and new seasons always make me want to change things and reorganize, I was so excited I pretty much ran right out and bought my supplies!

I decided that I wanted to turn my basement door into a sort of kid friendly art station. I wanted the top to hold her artwork and the bottom to be a little blackboard for her to draw on. The kid LOVES any kind of art supply so I figured she’d be excited about it!

Well, it seemed easy enough: Buy magnetic paint and blackboard paint, and add accent colors. I figured I’d do the whole thing in a night!
It took more like two or three nights, but the results are pretty cool! A few things to keep in mind if you want to try this yourself:

1) Magnetic paint LIES about the application. If you only follow the directions and apply a mere 3 coats, nothing will stick to it. The attraction will be too weak. The paint has little particles of iron mixed in it, which is how a magnet sticks to it to begin with. But, if you don’t apply it super evenly and perfectly, the magnet won’t have enough pull to hold up a piece of paper. I found a website that suggested 6 coats using a very smooth foam roller. I didn’t have a very smooth roller, so I did 7 coats! It worked out okay!

2) Magnetic paint doesn’t really wipe up very easily. It sticks to everything and gets in the grooves. I had to touch up my door with extra white paint we luckily had around! So uh, be more careful than I was!

3) chalkboard paint also requires a few coats and a smooth roller if possible, though this is more so its easy to write on. I waited the suggested 3 days before coating it with chalk and wiping it down and it works awesome. A friend of mine was impatient and didn’t let it cure as the can says and it still works great for her too. So I guess you don’t have to be a rule follower on this one!


AFTER! (sorry it’s crooked, whoops!)

Either way, I’m happy! It looks cute, it works great, and the Kid kept smiling and pointing and calling the door “Pitty!” (that’s “Pretty” to those who don’t speak toddler-ease). She also loves drawing on it and erasing!



Small Anecdote!

Tonight I was tucking the kid in for the night. We have a routine where she brings up a toy she wants, we read some books and then she plays five minutes before she gets tucked in. Tonight we were up to playing and I was setting up her crib, helping her add her toys in, etc. I realized we left her stuffed animals that she always sleeps with downstairs, so I ran down to get them. I left her in her room with the door closed, as her room is kid proof and I didn’t want to drag her back down there for three seconds. I heard her give a giggle when I left and booked it down to get the toys. I returned and she was on tippy toes trying to reach her wipes, but whatever, no big deal right?!

A few minutes later she hands me her sippy cup and asks for some water as she drank it all. So, I figure, why not? And leave her in the room again to run to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I hear ANOTHER giggle, and decide to grab the monitor and see what this kid is up to!

As soon as I turn it on I hear her say out loud, “WOW! No mama!?” and look around laughing! Then she runs to the door and starts rustling the knob. I rush to fill her water in the bathroom and suddenly the door flies open and she runs into the hall cracking up and yelling “MAAAAAA!”

Oh man. We are in trouble now! The kid can open doors! If she ever figures out how to jump out of her crib, we are done for!!!

Cue Olympic Theme music….

Wow, how is it August already? I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Even though I only work two days now, I don’t want to go back to school!! I want to keep spending my days at the beach and the pool!

Anyway, I thought I should update this blog with some kind of something, so here goes. Let’s talk Olympics!!

I LOVE the Olympics. I think it must be because I am about as unathletic as they come. When I was younger and forced to take awful gym classes, I was ALWAYS the last one picked. I was scraggly and wimpy and when any kind of sphere came towards me my first instinct was to put out my hands and block my face and scream. So I suppose in retrospect I do understand why I was always picked last. But still! As a result I’ve never liked any kind of sport really. Never got into any teams or games or whatever.

Except for the Olympics. Whether it’s Summer or Winter (thought Winter is my ultimate favorite!), there is something about an event that happens only once every few years, where the people who participate are the very very best, who have a hope and a dream and train and persevere no matter what…Oh man I’m getting weepy just thinking about it!! I love everything the Olympics stands for and I really think it has to be such an amazing thing to actually BE there participating, whether you win or not!

Of course, because I love the Olympics so much, it is definitely starting to take its toll. Our DVR is maxed out because I tape hours of coverage. I don’t know why they refuse to show my most favorite Summer sport, Synchronized Swimming, during prime time, but they won’t! So I have to tape it all over the place at weird times of the day and watch it after The Kid goes to sleep. She does not seem to have the same zest for the Olympics and will sadly point at the TV and then at her Mickey doll and then at the TV again going “TEESE!?” (please) til I have pity and change it. So anyway, then I ALSO have to tape prime time, and watch that too! So I’ve been up til like 1am or later every night since the Olympics began because I can’t stop watching and I have hours to catch up on!!

It’s rough, let me tell you! So honestly, even though I’ll be so sad when they are over this weekend, I think it will be a relief. I will no longer have the responsibility of making sure I don’t miss any exciting story or triumphant win or miss a horrible disappointment somewhere in these games. Someone has to see it all! I’m doing the best I can! In fact, if there were medals for Olympic viewing, I’m fairly sure I’ve secured at least the bronze 🙂