Camp Mom week whatever it is: Play Dough Edition!

Yesterday afternoon The Kid needed a distraction. I needed to do something to calm my nerves. It had been a tense afternoon previously…Mega temper tantrum at the Mall! Eep! And although she napped and since then was quite deliriously happy, that tantrum clung to me like a cloak of cranky crankiness. I know these things happen and kids forget immediately so I tried really hard to think of something to help me get over it and give her something fun to do.

The result?
From my list of Pinterest things to do: Make your Own Play Dough!

I pinned this recipe and it claims to be the softest play dough ever. It also is cooked on the stove, which I’d never done before. Years and years ago back when I worked at a Day Care/Nursery School, we’d make our own play dough, but we did it in the microwave. So cooking it on the stovetop was a new experience for me.

It was really easy to do, and The Kid enjoyed standing on a chair next to me helping to stir. She got pissed at me when I took it off the fire to knead it, but hey, she’s a crab lately, what can you do?! It also turns out I was really too excited to use it and I’d taken it off too soon. If it looks remotely sticky, its not ready yet. It really needs to look pretty much like a ball of play dough before you remove it from the heat. That being said, I put it back on and proceeded to overcook it a smidge. Whoops!

Either way, it was hardly a mess at all, and the kid liked it once she got over the shock of it not being exactly like REAL play dough. She sat down, all excited to play with play dough, and when I gave her the giant clump of purple dough we’d just made, poor kid looked at me sadly and cried! Then pointed at the little yellow jars. Damn you and your marketing ploys Play-Doh(TM)!! After showing her all the cool stuff she could do with it, she enjoyed it for a few minutes, then spent the remainder of her time lining up all the rolling pins and other tools in a very neat line. Um, well, it kind of made her happy?

Tomorrow I want to try something else, but I’m not sure what! Suggestions??


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