Terrible 20 months?!

So okay, my darling daughter is now 20 months old. She’s pretty awesome most of the time but uh, lately? Well…Let’s say I am afraid the Terrible Two’s are arriving early.
She’s usually very happy, easy going, good at sharing, blahdy blah blah blah. But the past two weeks she has started throwing INSANE temper tantrums. Like holy crap get out the holy water and exorcise this child temper tantrums! Over weird things too!


Example of my life recently:

Me: Okay! Let’s put our shoes on and go outside!


Me: Okay, sit down and let’s put on our shoes so we can go play. Come sit on my lap…


So basically She’s flipping out like crazy over bizarre things. Also over normal kid things, but the tantrums last a LONG time. She used to get mad, yell for thirty seconds and be over it, now its like a good 5 or 10 minutes which is awful. She won’t let me help her either when she flips, I just kind of have to wait and then distract her when she starts to calm down.

On top of this, she’s started resisting bedtime like insanely. Oh man its so bad! For the past two weeks you basically mention its time to go up and she cries. Then you get her up there, do the routine and she’s fine! Tuck her in and either she stands up and screams immediately, or gives you a false sense of hope and waits til you get downstairs and THEN screams! You go in, give her hugs and she’s all, OH LOOK LETS PLAY WITH THE CRAP ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM! LOOK AT THE DOOR! I LOVE YOU! HA! So then you tuck her in, leave, and she repeats til you realize she is playing you for a fool, you tell her she is super fine and a big girl and she can totally go to sleep and you will see her in the morning and she screams another 5-10 mins and goes to sleep. So awful!


So anyway, I’ve been stressed about this and also not able to do too much as I’ve been busy working at camp and by the time she’s up from her nap, we have only a few hours before bed. So today was our first day off together and I tried really hard to think like a Toddler. What would frustrate me? What would super make me mad? I also tried to think with more patience…what things are really not a big deal if it goes her way? Which things do I totally need her to comply with? I chose my battles wisely and we had a fabulous day! She only threw one small fit which was quick and no big deal in the end.

At bedtime I employed a new tactic my dear friend Ann’s kid does without them realizing it’s a tactic: I let her pick one special toy from the living room to take up to bed with her. She was so excited! And uh, then she chose an empty fabric box that held her toys. And because this was day one of my plan and I really wanted to see if it would work, I kind of let her do it. I figured we have a monitor that lets you see whats going on so it would be safe enough.

Result? She couldn’t wait to get into her crib. She spent about 20 minutes putting crap in the box, sitting in it and then taking everything out and repeating. Eventually she got tired, climbed out of the box and went to sleep with minimal fuss!

So I’m hoping my new-found resolve to be patient and outsmart her will pay off and her Toddleritis will pass quickly. Or tomorrow she’ll totally flip on everything and cry at bedtime again. Who knows!?

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