I don’t have a Title for this one…

I’ve been kind of quiet on this blog lately, due to many reasons, some of which I’d rather not write about as I’m trying to keep this a happy upbeat kinda place. But mainly, I’ve been super busy with actual camp, not camp mom. I’ve been working mornings at my district’s art camp, which is always an adventure though this year seemed to entail a whole lot more running around after camp each day than usual! Next year I am hoping things will be a bit calmer, and that I can enjoy my afternoons instead of running around with the poor kid trying to replace the terrible paper mache sent to me that didn’t remotely work…oy!

At any rate, as my darling little kid is snoozing on the couch next to me, I am relaxing and trying to come up with some fun stuff for next week when camp is over! I can’t wait to get us to the beach and pool nice and early and get home before its too hot and just in time for naps and lunch. I also think we are going to try to make our own playdough either on Friday or some time next week. If we succeed, or even if we don’t, I’ll definitely post about it!

Lately the kid is all about a few things:

1) Building towers and stuff out of anything she can find. Blocks, mega blocs, cups, her dinner dishes. I think its so awesome. She sticks her tongue out in concentration and builds things pretty high!

2) Trying to really talk! SO exciting! She now has some new words to add to her repertoire including Choo Choo, NO (She used to say DA and I’m sad she stopped to be honest!), cracker, and other parrot-like responses that she says once but then not again for awhile. I’m wondering if real talking is on it’s way?!

3) Coloring. Omg, I set up a little bin at the kitchen table, which we always cover with butcher paper as its super nice and we are trying to preserve it through the kid years (HA!), and lately she crawls up on a chair and will sit for a really long time picking out different markers, crayons and chalk and just coloring every inch of the paper on the table! I love it! I’d love it more if I felt that I could trust her to sit and color while I did something exciting like, Oh, make dinner or empty the dishwasher, but for now I’m happy to sit and watch her and maybe enjoy a mostly quiet cup of coffee while we sit!

So that’s about it for now! Oh! I forgot all about our recent trip to the Stepping Stones Children’s Museum in CT! I’ll have to post about that later. So much fun! In the meantime, I can’t believe this kid is still asleep. I’m going to lay around and watch cooking instead of doing anything at all cuz long naps are pretty rare in this house and I consider them a gift!!


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