s’mores indoors!

Sometimes you just want to have a gooey and delicious snack and you don’t want to go to the trouble of lighting up a fire pit. In these times, toaster oven s’mores are perfect and cozy.
How do you do such a thing?! You ask? Simple!

1. lay out the graham and slice the marshmallows in half and lay flat on a toaster sheet lined with foil (for easy clean up of course)

2. Cook on the BROIL setting for about 2-5 mins. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not walk away! If you are not staring the mallows down watching them melt they will almost definitely go too far and next thing you know there is a small fire in your kitchen. So watch them!

3. Just before they look super done, throw on the chocolate and let that melt a smidge as well.

4. Smoosh together, and enjoy!


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