Crazy Toddler!

So school let out last week and I promptly traveled up to Rochester NY to surprise one of my dearest friends from college for her birthday, along with our other roommates/friends  from college. There is really nothing better than the kind of friends that always pick up right where you left off. We’ve all been through a lot, have gone long periods without seeing one another, but stick us in a room together even if its after a year or more or not seeing each other, and we are still 18 and being dorks. Its so awesome!

Anyway, that was the first time I’ve been away from the kid all by myself. Sure, the husband and I go away from time to time and she has sleepovers at her grandparents, but I’d never left her without having my husband for moral support. I was very nervous: would she be okay? Would she freak out and realize after awhile I wasn’t at the store or something? Would the husband remember to brush her teeth?! Would I be able to have fun away from them?

Well, I’m pleased that everything went fine. She and her dad had a blast together and did so much stuff I think they were both passed out by 7:30 each night, ha! I had a great time myself and while I certainly missed the kid, I knew she was having fun and doing great, so that helped a lot. Besides, it was so nice to see my friends and not be running after a kid or trying to make sure she isn’t stuffing apples in the ottoman while I chat!  My husband says that twice she sort of looked for me, but he told her they’d get me at the airport the next day or whatever and she was cool with that. So yay!

Anyway, now summer is upon us and I’m working mornings at art camp. Its actually a big adjustment for me which is silly. I only worked two days a week this past school year, so working every day, even if it is only til noon is still very different. I also have to get the kid moving and to whoever is watching her, and that’s hard. She is not fond of moving quickly in the morning (like me!) and we are still finding the best way to meet up/arrange care for her. Also the past two days she’s fallen asleep in my mom’s car, transferred to mine at camp but then woken up once I get home. So 45 min nap all day! It’s not terrible except she’s getting kind of shrill after awhile and overtired/crazy. She’s also going through a big independence phase: she thinks she should run away from me, run outside without me, charge off into the night and not look back, climb all over the couch and laugh when she gets in trouble for it. (Okay she hasn’t charged into the night–yet!) So me having to be extra vigilant and worrying she’s going to become a horribly behaved child coupled with little naps is making life a tad stressful!

Anyway, I’m hoping this phase passes quickly and she’s back to her normal levels of mischief. Or that she starts to actually care if I put her in time out or something. Sigh. Toddlers are crazy. Good thing they are cute!

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