Let’s Take the Train!

This morning the sun was shining after a week of rain. The horrible humidity was gone! I was ready for adventure!

We had talked with some of the moms at Storytime the other day about taking the train from our town to the one next door, which has a playground. It sounded like fun! A ride on the train and a park and fun! I was mildly hesitant only because as you know the Kid is a nut, but I decided the fun would outweigh her crazies.

I am pleased to report that mostly it did! The one giant snag was upon entering the train parking lot, I opened the trunk to get out her stroller…and it wasn’t there. Ugh. How many times does that happen? The Husband took her to the mall this weekend and took the stroller out of my car, and we both totally forgot about that til I needed it today. Well, oh well! There was no turning back as I saw our friends waiting on the platform. So, the kid and I walked to the train and she had to alternately stand by me and I held her. It was mostly okay though I was petrified she’d get away and plummet to her death over the side of the platform, but we made it through. She kept wanting to leave after awhile though..we were early and the train is supposedly usually waiting..but today it wasn’t! OH well.

We got on and she was sort of scared at first! I find that to be so funny. She will throw herself headfirst off the couch and try to run into traffic, but put her on a carousel or a train and she’s suddenly hugging me in a death grip and whimpering! She got over it though and enjoyed the ride…only from my lap of course. ha!

Luckily the park was really a two second walk across the parking lot and we had a great time! Coming back we had to run for the train and that was rather terrible hurtling to a train holding a 23 lb weight on my hip. I sort of couldn’t breath for most of the trip home but the kids had fun so that’s what counts!

I am so happy we’ve made friends through Storytime. Meetup just never worked out and every where else I’ve tried the Moms are strangely mean and rude! My Storytime moms though are awesome and so are their kids!

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