Camp Mom: Week 2

So this week I actually did a lot of sidewalk painting with the Kid again. She LOVES it! We had to make a new batch after a few days though because the original grew some really repulsive black mold on it. EW! Anyway, Lots of things on my list aren’t all that crazy, but I did decide to do stamp pads and ink on Wednesday!




I have no photographs of it because this is how it went down:
(I spread out large sheets of paper, used large foam stampers and a giant kid stamp pad…fool proof, no?)
Me: Look! This is ink! This is a stamp! Watch how to do it!

(I take the stamper and dunk it into the ink and stamp with it.)

Me: Cool, right?!

She then tries to stamp but uses the flat side so it doesn’t work. So I try to help her and she just gives it to me, takes a new stamp and proceeds to do the exact same thing. I am in the process of trying to re-show her how to do it on the side with engravings when she abandons the stamps and just goes for it with both hands!
Result: Lots of crazy rainbow baby hand prints. I try to take a picture of it and she runs away and I have to wrestle her to the ground before she puts little rainbow baby handprints all over my kitchen!



Sooo there you have it. It would appear 19 months old (almost), is a TAD on the young side for for stamps and ink! I’ll store those away in an undisclosed location until she’s closer to 2 or 3 I guess!


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