Summer Fun at Camp Mom!

Okay so it isn’t quite Summer yet, but close enough in my house! Remember how I posted all about my new ambitious ambitions?! Well, I have done exactly zero in the landscaping department, but I DID do one of my Toddler fun ideas from Pinterest!

Today we made sidewalk paint or liquid chalk, whatever you want to call it, it was fun and easy to do!

I got the recipe from this post on Pinterest, but I did change it slightly.

The recipe calls for 1 cup of water and 1 cup of corn starch, plus food coloring. I took three small plastic take out containers (the clear kind with lids) and added 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of corn starch to each one and mixed, then I added food coloring. If you plan on making it, add the water first and then the starch, it will be much easier to combine! I felt like such a genius for doing it this way because the containers were sturdy for a toddler and also the lids meant easy cleanup and we can use them a few more times before dumping everything!

The kid totally loved it! She painted on and off most of the day! We’d paint a bit, do something else, and then she’d come back and paint some more! She also liked helping me put the lids on and putting the paints away and bringing the brushes inside to rinse. Of course, moments later she’d be all, LET’S PAINT AGAIN!!!! So whatever! She also was pretty good about painting the sidewalk only, she only painted me once and her shoes twice!

She was so happy that she stopped mid paint and gave me a giant hug! Oh so totally worth it for that hug and her little happy singing as she painted!


By the way, in case you care, here’s my list of other stuff to do soon!:

Paint with water books (find and then do them)

buy match box cars and make a track to play with them on

macaroni in a box with cups and stuff (did rice, will not do very often, toooooo many pieces to clean!)

make a felt board and do felty sticking on of stuff

clothesline and hang up clothes with clothespins

ziploc bag painting

stamps and ink pads

put dish soap in the water table so its a foam table!

shaving cream fingerpaint

colored rice – but uh maybe we’ll play with that outside 😉

big paper on the floor and color color color!

make our own play dough

sidewalk paint


That’s it for now! Next week maybe we will make some play dough!



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