Getting Ambitious!

This weekend was the stuff Summer is made of: Sun, warm weather, bbq and lots of running around outside! This gorgeous weather coupled with my darn obsession with Pinterest, has me suddenly super ambitious about some projects that I want to do this Summer. I’ve decided if I really want to get stuff done, then I ought to publicly tell the internet about it so my five readers can hold me accountable, ha!

So anyway, first on my list: DO LOTS OF COOL TODDLER STUFF

That is to say, I’ve pinned like a zillion lists that have lovely titles like, “20 ways to entertain your toddler” or “Tips to keep your Toddler happy” and then I forget most of the ideas. I have used two that are amazing: pipe cleaners and a collander, and pom poms and bowls…these two items keep the Kid busy for a really long time! I only give them to her when she’s getting wingy or seems bored, or I REALLY want a second cup of coffee in peace, and she gets SO excited by them! We put the pom poms through the opening of an empty wipes container and then she takes them all out and puts them in a bowl and stirs with a spoon and repeats. So great. But anyway, I digress….I finally made a list on paper of the different ideas from the websites so I’ve decided to try at least one each week!

This week I think we will make sidewalk paint, so stay tuned! I have work tomorrow so we’ll do it either Wednesday or Friday, whoo hoo!

Next on my list of ambitious things is to create a rock garden/stepping stone path in the yard. The husband and I have been super busy this weekend catching up on all the landscaping we’ve forsaken for the past two years while I was pregnant with the Kid and then when the Kid was too little and didn’t do much outside but hated sitting still in a stroller. So we planted tons of flowers, weeded, mulched, you name it! There’s still a few spots that need more flowers, and I have decided that I’m going to take the really gross muddy plot of land near our deck and turn it into a zen space of different kinds of rocks and make mosaic stones to set in the midst of it! This will probably take me forever, but dammit, I’m going to get it done!

Um, I can’t remember if I had any sudden fits of ambition today, so I would say that’s it for now, but stay tuned! I’m making paint in the next few days and will be researching how the heck you make a rock garden into the evening!


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