When did my baby become a Kid?!

So it would appear that all of a sudden, I don’t have a little baby anymore. I’ve got a KID! I know of course that all of this development stuff is slow and evolving and whatever, but I really feel like all of a sudden, she just became a kid overnight!

One day I was watching her try to eat a yogurt by herself rather unsuccessfully, and suddenly she’s using a fork like its her job! She’s grown like 4 inches in like a day and is this tall, skinny ball of energy and its really pretty awesome!

Yesterday for example, she helped me plant flowers. Now, usually I use the term “help” quite loosely. Like you know, she “helps” me clean up after a meal by throwing her washcloth across the room and throwing her arms up in the air triumphantly. But yesterday, she seriously stood at the trunk of the car, carried each flower pot I gave her solemnly and carefully to the steps, put it down, and came back for another! Then she watched me dig the hole, I gave her a flower and she’d put it in and help me bury it. I was amazed! I mean, in between this she insisted on burying the cilantro I’d just planted and took a giant hunk of dirt out of the strawberry pot and walked around the backyard with it, but still! She’s growing up so fast!


This weekend is also a bunch of firsts for her: first ice pop, first chocolate pudding and first slice of ice cream cake. Let me tell you, she may not always be the best eater, but I’ve never seen such focus on eating til she encountered each of these foods!


Anyway, all this growing up has me very misty eyed; thinking of the little baby she was last summer who was kind of afraid of grass, but pretty excited about the spunky little girl I now have who will run circles in the grass and then do a nose dive after a bouncy ball!

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