Gearing up for Summer, but first the last week of STRESS!

I’m sure at least one of my 10 readers is dying to know how my first Jewelry class went last week. Right? Right?!

Anyway, it went really well! I am very pleased with the whole thing. I got there super early as I was anxious I would be late due to traffic and rush hour, but that was sort of silly as it seriously takes like 4 minutes to unload all of my jewelry supplies and left me with about 40 minutes to anxiously await the start of the program.

I had 7 girls show up, grades 4 and 5. At first they were a little bit quiet, but soon enough we were cracking jokes, talking about color combinations and making really pretty stuff! I really do enjoy these kinds of programs because its mainly all about the beads you use and the supplies. The concepts are not that difficult, its all about design. Kids LOVE having a large variety of beads to use and sifting through them to find the perfect ones. It’s really fun for me to be a part of it. I have my next program at the end of June and I’m excited! That one will be a celestial charm bracelet for the YA program a few towns over. I think I’m going to see if I can find some colorful star and moons to go with the metallic stuff I already purchased for the program.

Now I just have to get through this week, which is Art Show week. Set up is tomorrow, which I will be doing all by myself since anyone who could help is taking care of the kid while I set up, and then the show is Tuesday and I take it all down Wednesday night. I think everything is under control but I always worry that I’ve forgotten something important. Hopefully I haven’t and its the best show yet! I am actually really proud of the work my kids did this year, I really pushed them to learn more and really apply the skills I taught them. I hope everyone else agrees! I also hope I didn’t somehow tell a kid they are in the show and then somehow lose their project. This is a fear I have every year, once I thought it happened but it turns out the parent just couldn’t seriously see the picture right in front of  her face! But still, I’d feel awful if I ever really did that! It’s hard to keep track of it all!

So really, once Friday hits, I will be SO RELIEVED. All the crazy stuff should be winding down and summer will be fastly approaching! Tonight we pulled the high chair on the deck and bbq-ed and the kid LOVED it. I am starting to envision coffee on the deck while she eats her breakfast out there, and then just running around playing in her pjs in the yard on warm summer mornings. Ah, doesn’t that just sound fabulous?!

So anyway, only like 5 days to go and then I can really get into the summer spirit!

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