So I’ve been working really hard (in between working really hard at my actual job and relaxing, ha!) on my crafting business and it seems to be going really well! I did a Birthday party awhile ago and that was so fun! I just got an inquiry to do an after school program at a well known school too! I am very excited but also really really anxious now!

I have my first library gig on Monday! Monday! I am totally prepared. It’s a Mother’s Day bracelet for grades 4-6, I’ve got tons of beads and ordered some cute flowered ones that I thought would add a nice touch. I have earrings for early finishers. I’ve got the paperwork filled out. I’ve arranged for the childcare so I can get there super duper early because I am petrified I will be LATE as it is during rush hour.

But I am still SO SCARED! Starting a new thing like this is really kind of crazy for me, and I am proud that it seems to be working, but also petrified that I will suddenly be awful at it and everyone will want their money back and I’ll never be able to show my face around again!

Obviously this is all irrational fear talking here. I mean, I teach jewelry every day during the summer TWICE and it’s always just lovely. So I do not think it will suddenly implode on me. But I’m still going to feel nauseous about it until it is probably about halfway over. Then I’ll breathe again once it is done!


I also have a dream of opening a little store front and hosting kids’ crafts parties. I think it would be so cool! But good lord, starting to really look into that is downright SCARY!


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