Getting Ambitious!

This weekend was the stuff Summer is made of: Sun, warm weather, bbq and lots of running around outside! This gorgeous weather coupled with my darn obsession with Pinterest, has me suddenly super ambitious about some projects that I want to do this Summer. I’ve decided if I really want to get stuff done, then I ought to publicly tell the internet about it so my five readers can hold me accountable, ha!

So anyway, first on my list: DO LOTS OF COOL TODDLER STUFF

That is to say, I’ve pinned like a zillion lists that have lovely titles like, “20 ways to entertain your toddler” or “Tips to keep your Toddler happy” and then I forget most of the ideas. I have used two that are amazing: pipe cleaners and a collander, and pom poms and bowls…these two items keep the Kid busy for a really long time! I only give them to her when she’s getting wingy or seems bored, or I REALLY want a second cup of coffee in peace, and she gets SO excited by them! We put the pom poms through the opening of an empty wipes container and then she takes them all out and puts them in a bowl and stirs with a spoon and repeats. So great. But anyway, I digress….I finally made a list on paper of the different ideas from the websites so I’ve decided to try at least one each week!

This week I think we will make sidewalk paint, so stay tuned! I have work tomorrow so we’ll do it either Wednesday or Friday, whoo hoo!

Next on my list of ambitious things is to create a rock garden/stepping stone path in the yard. The husband and I have been super busy this weekend catching up on all the landscaping we’ve forsaken for the past two years while I was pregnant with the Kid and then when the Kid was too little and didn’t do much outside but hated sitting still in a stroller. So we planted tons of flowers, weeded, mulched, you name it! There’s still a few spots that need more flowers, and I have decided that I’m going to take the really gross muddy plot of land near our deck and turn it into a zen space of different kinds of rocks and make mosaic stones to set in the midst of it! This will probably take me forever, but dammit, I’m going to get it done!

Um, I can’t remember if I had any sudden fits of ambition today, so I would say that’s it for now, but stay tuned! I’m making paint in the next few days and will be researching how the heck you make a rock garden into the evening!



When did my baby become a Kid?!

So it would appear that all of a sudden, I don’t have a little baby anymore. I’ve got a KID! I know of course that all of this development stuff is slow and evolving and whatever, but I really feel like all of a sudden, she just became a kid overnight!

One day I was watching her try to eat a yogurt by herself rather unsuccessfully, and suddenly she’s using a fork like its her job! She’s grown like 4 inches in like a day and is this tall, skinny ball of energy and its really pretty awesome!

Yesterday for example, she helped me plant flowers. Now, usually I use the term “help” quite loosely. Like you know, she “helps” me clean up after a meal by throwing her washcloth across the room and throwing her arms up in the air triumphantly. But yesterday, she seriously stood at the trunk of the car, carried each flower pot I gave her solemnly and carefully to the steps, put it down, and came back for another! Then she watched me dig the hole, I gave her a flower and she’d put it in and help me bury it. I was amazed! I mean, in between this she insisted on burying the cilantro I’d just planted and took a giant hunk of dirt out of the strawberry pot and walked around the backyard with it, but still! She’s growing up so fast!


This weekend is also a bunch of firsts for her: first ice pop, first chocolate pudding and first slice of ice cream cake. Let me tell you, she may not always be the best eater, but I’ve never seen such focus on eating til she encountered each of these foods!


Anyway, all this growing up has me very misty eyed; thinking of the little baby she was last summer who was kind of afraid of grass, but pretty excited about the spunky little girl I now have who will run circles in the grass and then do a nose dive after a bouncy ball!

Gearing up for Summer, but first the last week of STRESS!

I’m sure at least one of my 10 readers is dying to know how my first Jewelry class went last week. Right? Right?!

Anyway, it went really well! I am very pleased with the whole thing. I got there super early as I was anxious I would be late due to traffic and rush hour, but that was sort of silly as it seriously takes like 4 minutes to unload all of my jewelry supplies and left me with about 40 minutes to anxiously await the start of the program.

I had 7 girls show up, grades 4 and 5. At first they were a little bit quiet, but soon enough we were cracking jokes, talking about color combinations and making really pretty stuff! I really do enjoy these kinds of programs because its mainly all about the beads you use and the supplies. The concepts are not that difficult, its all about design. Kids LOVE having a large variety of beads to use and sifting through them to find the perfect ones. It’s really fun for me to be a part of it. I have my next program at the end of June and I’m excited! That one will be a celestial charm bracelet for the YA program a few towns over. I think I’m going to see if I can find some colorful star and moons to go with the metallic stuff I already purchased for the program.

Now I just have to get through this week, which is Art Show week. Set up is tomorrow, which I will be doing all by myself since anyone who could help is taking care of the kid while I set up, and then the show is Tuesday and I take it all down Wednesday night. I think everything is under control but I always worry that I’ve forgotten something important. Hopefully I haven’t and its the best show yet! I am actually really proud of the work my kids did this year, I really pushed them to learn more and really apply the skills I taught them. I hope everyone else agrees! I also hope I didn’t somehow tell a kid they are in the show and then somehow lose their project. This is a fear I have every year, once I thought it happened but it turns out the parent just couldn’t seriously see the picture right in front of  her face! But still, I’d feel awful if I ever really did that! It’s hard to keep track of it all!

So really, once Friday hits, I will be SO RELIEVED. All the crazy stuff should be winding down and summer will be fastly approaching! Tonight we pulled the high chair on the deck and bbq-ed and the kid LOVED it. I am starting to envision coffee on the deck while she eats her breakfast out there, and then just running around playing in her pjs in the yard on warm summer mornings. Ah, doesn’t that just sound fabulous?!

So anyway, only like 5 days to go and then I can really get into the summer spirit!


So I’ve been working really hard (in between working really hard at my actual job and relaxing, ha!) on my crafting business and it seems to be going really well! I did a Birthday party awhile ago and that was so fun! I just got an inquiry to do an after school program at a well known school too! I am very excited but also really really anxious now!

I have my first library gig on Monday! Monday! I am totally prepared. It’s a Mother’s Day bracelet for grades 4-6, I’ve got tons of beads and ordered some cute flowered ones that I thought would add a nice touch. I have earrings for early finishers. I’ve got the paperwork filled out. I’ve arranged for the childcare so I can get there super duper early because I am petrified I will be LATE as it is during rush hour.

But I am still SO SCARED! Starting a new thing like this is really kind of crazy for me, and I am proud that it seems to be working, but also petrified that I will suddenly be awful at it and everyone will want their money back and I’ll never be able to show my face around again!

Obviously this is all irrational fear talking here. I mean, I teach jewelry every day during the summer TWICE and it’s always just lovely. So I do not think it will suddenly implode on me. But I’m still going to feel nauseous about it until it is probably about halfway over. Then I’ll breathe again once it is done!


I also have a dream of opening a little store front and hosting kids’ crafts parties. I think it would be so cool! But good lord, starting to really look into that is downright SCARY!