Your shoes are untied….

Today I have discovered something that MUST be righted!! Our children are at a great disservice because of it! It is so important and yet it would appear that  this is no longer taught!!

I’m talking about learning to tie your shoes.


Yes, you heard me right! Today, as I tied not one, not two, but SIX different children’s shoes for them after they each tripped over them repeatedly and then told me very honestly (and sort of pathetically) that they NEVER LEARNED to tie their shoes, I realized it is my job to inform the world of this very terrible and very important detail that is currently missing from our children’s development.

I remember very vividly that when I was a child and went to Kindergarten we actually had a TEST on how well you could tie shoes, use a zipper, button buttons on a shirt, etc. If we weren’t very good at them, we had to take time each day and practice on a doll. We had to go home and practice with our parents until we could show the teacher at school that we were capable of some very basic functions that all people need to do to live. You know, actual skills for existing in the world.That stuff is important!!

These days Kindergarten is nothing like when I went. There is no time for play! No time for fun experiments or centers or reading books for fun. There is only work work work for like 3 hours tops and then they are sent home and the next batch has to have everything necessary to pass the tests stuffed into them too! I’ve always thought this was sad just from a no play standpoint. Kids need play and creative imagining time at school to learn to problem solve and get along with other students. They also need to learn basic life skills because if they don’t learn them at a young age, it will only get more difficult as their lives go on.

Since I had two SECOND graders tell me they don’t know how to tie their shoes today, I’m growing concerned that we are going to be developing adults who can’t do basic life tasks. These future adults will be able to write a DBQ, but will they be able to put their coat on without help? To pour a glass of juice without spilling it? To wear shoes that aren’t velcro?!

And so parents I implore you! Realize that no one is ever teaching your kid to tie their shoes if it isn’t YOU! Get out that sneaker and get to work! Or you’ll have your child in crocs on their wedding day!


Okay…upon a re-read I probably am overreacting about this whole thing but still! Someone has to teach them this stuff, and I don’t think my principal would be too into me hosting a “Tie Your Shoes” club or something…would she?!


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