How not to get my donation!

Last night the phone rang while I was in the midst of rushing around to make dinner for the Kid and get myself ready for an awesome night of Guster, my favorite  band of all time who I catch every year no matter what!!

Anyway, I answer the phone and it is a guy calling from my alma mater (I think that’s what you call it?) SUNY Geneseo.

Him: Hi! How are you! I’m blah blah blah calling from Geneseo! How are you?
Me: Um, good?

Him: Great! I’m calling to tell you congratulations on your ten year reunion! Wow! I’m a sophomore now and 10 years! That’s SO GREAT!


Him: I mean, 10 YEARS?! That’s a long time! I was just thinking that 10 years ago I was in Middle School! WHOAH!

Me: Uh, yeah, I guess it’s a long…

Him: So anyway, we are calling to see if you’d like to contribute 100 bucks to the class gift!?

Me: CLICK!!!!!!! (Okay I didn’t really hang up on him, I am too nice, I just politely declined and when I hung up the phone yelled at no one in particular) REALLY? REALLY? YOU BASICALLY TELL ME HOW FREAKING OLD I AM COMPARED TO YOU AND THEN EXPECT ME TO GIVE YOU MONEY?! You need to change tactics buddy and fast! No one is giving cash to someone who was in the 7th grade when they graduated college!!!

On a similar note, this reminds me of the time two years ago when I was hugely pregnant with the kid and sitting around the living room minding my business and sweating my butt off (It was August). The doorbell rings, and the girl standing there from the local chapter of Democrats asks me, “ARE  YOUR PARENTS HOME?”

I was like, what? I’M NOT A PREGNANT TEEN!!!!!

And she goes, Oh, uh, well, would you like to donate to the Democratic party?!
HA, gotta love her perseverance!!!


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