Missing in Action!

Sorry for the delay in recent updating, but life has been very busy! Also, the mouse on my computer died and the actual keypad on my laptop died long ago when I stupidly let the Kid play with it once, so I was without a means to communicate to the outside world!!

A week or so without a computer used to be much worse back in the day when I did real work, ie: paper writing, instant messenger, yadda yadda. Nowadays I have a glorious smartphone that allows me to do anything I would need to do on a computer except update my blog and play The Sims Social.

I have to say, my Sims are VERY displeased with the neglect I’ve caused them. I logged on a little while ago and my toilets were broken, the sinks were spraying all over and my poor Sim was huddled in the corner trying to pee and also eat at the same time, yet accomplishing nothing! There is nothing like leaving an online video game unattended to really make you feel guilty about your lack of life skills.

I mean, really, if I can’t keep a Sim alive, how on earth am I surviving this very minute?! I have no idea how I manage to dress myself each day and keep myself fed if I can’t even click a button daily to feed my poor Sim!! I am failing as a human being!!

I guess I could go the route of the other games I used to play: Farmville and Cafe World, and just forget to play for so long that when I log in again, the tasks I’m supposed to do to keep up are now so unfathomably great that I just decide its easier to stop playing altogether.


Whatever happened to a nice game of Duck Hunt or Super Mario? That, my friends, was easy virtual living!

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