Your shoes are untied….

Today I have discovered something that MUST be righted!! Our children are at a great disservice because of it! It is so important and yet it would appear that  this is no longer taught!!

I’m talking about learning to tie your shoes.


Yes, you heard me right! Today, as I tied not one, not two, but SIX different children’s shoes for them after they each tripped over them repeatedly and then told me very honestly (and sort of pathetically) that they NEVER LEARNED to tie their shoes, I realized it is my job to inform the world of this very terrible and very important detail that is currently missing from our children’s development.

I remember very vividly that when I was a child and went to Kindergarten we actually had a TEST on how well you could tie shoes, use a zipper, button buttons on a shirt, etc. If we weren’t very good at them, we had to take time each day and practice on a doll. We had to go home and practice with our parents until we could show the teacher at school that we were capable of some very basic functions that all people need to do to live. You know, actual skills for existing in the world.That stuff is important!!

These days Kindergarten is nothing like when I went. There is no time for play! No time for fun experiments or centers or reading books for fun. There is only work work work for like 3 hours tops and then they are sent home and the next batch has to have everything necessary to pass the tests stuffed into them too! I’ve always thought this was sad just from a no play standpoint. Kids need play and creative imagining time at school to learn to problem solve and get along with other students. They also need to learn basic life skills because if they don’t learn them at a young age, it will only get more difficult as their lives go on.

Since I had two SECOND graders tell me they don’t know how to tie their shoes today, I’m growing concerned that we are going to be developing adults who can’t do basic life tasks. These future adults will be able to write a DBQ, but will they be able to put their coat on without help? To pour a glass of juice without spilling it? To wear shoes that aren’t velcro?!

And so parents I implore you! Realize that no one is ever teaching your kid to tie their shoes if it isn’t YOU! Get out that sneaker and get to work! Or you’ll have your child in crocs on their wedding day!


Okay…upon a re-read I probably am overreacting about this whole thing but still! Someone has to teach them this stuff, and I don’t think my principal would be too into me hosting a “Tie Your Shoes” club or something…would she?!




This rain is majorly bringing me down. I tried to go with the flow yesterday when it rained all day. I baked bread in the bread-machine. I made lasagna from scratch. I baked chocolate chip cookies the day before and ate a bunch. I danced with the kid and played cooking with her. I did stuff to clean the house and organize. And then at night I snuggled up with the husband and watched tv. But I don’t know, I just feel so BLAH about it all!

Today it was gloomy and drizzly, but at least it wasn’t pouring. However, the kid is going through some major teething woes and that really didn’t help my already crabby mood.

I must say, we are SUPER lucky with the kid and night time sleep, and her general outlook on life. When she was an infant, that was a different story. She had it ROUGH. She had mega acid reflux and was on meds. She cried ALL THE TIME all day and til about 1am when she’d pass out for like 4 hours. She would barf up everything she drank right up until her next feeding. She’d be happy for about 20 minutes total a day. I cried a lot then too!! I lost all of my pregnancy weight and then some because I could never put her down even for naps a large portion of the time, so I never could eat anything. It was tough but we got through it.

However, from like 6 months on she suddenly transformed into super awesomely happy baby, which is of course how everyone prefers their kid be! She is really independent and loves to play by herself and make up weird games. She is happy to just be in the same room as me though lots of times she leaves and plays in the living room without me while I cook or whatever. She’s a total daredevil though so I can’t really just let her do her thing without me, and that’s fine because I love watching her play and playing and stuff with her! She also loves going places, shopping in the shopping cart, and walking around while I get my coffee. She holds my hand while we walk and look in all the shop windows and she points out cool stuff to me. It’s great!

But when she is teething or otherwise not feeling well, WATCH OUT! Super adorable happy kid is replaced by fire breathing dragon child of DOOM.

And it happens with zero warning! I’m never prepared! As a result it makes me SO freaking tired!

Last night it began at bedtime. Usually we do some books, she hops into bed and laughs while you tuck her in and giggles herself to sleep. It’s amazing and I do know we are SO lucky she does this! Last night…crying! Pointing at the door to leave! I actually didn’t know what to do so I turned on the light and re-read a book and re-tucked her in! (uh, that was not a wise idea just between us!) She yelled and complained and grumbled and then sort of dozed so that was crappy but okay.

She woke up like 20 minutes later screaming like crazy. boo! Husband got her, snuggled her, rocked her…she would point at the door and be all, No sleeping! party time and I’m mad and aggravated! grrr! She basically threw a temper tantrum. What?! Finally he just kissed her and tucked her in again. She yelled like 5 minutes and went to sleep.

But, she was up all night. Not enough that I ever even got out of bed as she’d whimper and go back to sleep and honestly, I’m afraid to go in there if she isn’t downright screaming for us! But I laid awake a lot waiting for the real crying so I could go give her some advil. Never came, but she woke up at 6, which is a bit early.

Then today. Oh my god today! She was a beastly beast!! Yelled about everything. Cried when anyone even looked at her funny. Refused to eat. Refused to let me get dressed or brush my teeth without her. I took her to get lunch and shoes and she threw a super crazy screaming fit in the mall that was so awful I just gave up and brought her home! Lunch-less people! No Panera for this tired mom!

Finally she napped and woke up vaguely happier, but not overly. She just was so PISSED at everything! I guess cutting three molars at once will do that to ya! She has like zero patience when she doesn’t feel well so she just cries and flips and its all very terrible for both of us!

Anyway, to make a very long and pointless blog entry have some point to it: This rain has me cranky. The crabby kid has me crankier. And even though we advil-ed her tonight and she didn’t freak too much at bedtime and is now asleep, I am still cranky and don’t want to do anything but lay around and whine about how tired I am and how cranky I am!

How do you snap yourself out of it when you’ve got the bad weather-teething toddler blues?! I really don’t have the answer….hopefully a shower and my pjs and a very quiet glance at lovely sleeping kid will at least help a little bit!

How not to get my donation!

Last night the phone rang while I was in the midst of rushing around to make dinner for the Kid and get myself ready for an awesome night of Guster, my favorite  band of all time who I catch every year no matter what!!

Anyway, I answer the phone and it is a guy calling from my alma mater (I think that’s what you call it?) SUNY Geneseo.

Him: Hi! How are you! I’m blah blah blah calling from Geneseo! How are you?
Me: Um, good?

Him: Great! I’m calling to tell you congratulations on your ten year reunion! Wow! I’m a sophomore now and 10 years! That’s SO GREAT!


Him: I mean, 10 YEARS?! That’s a long time! I was just thinking that 10 years ago I was in Middle School! WHOAH!

Me: Uh, yeah, I guess it’s a long…

Him: So anyway, we are calling to see if you’d like to contribute 100 bucks to the class gift!?

Me: CLICK!!!!!!! (Okay I didn’t really hang up on him, I am too nice, I just politely declined and when I hung up the phone yelled at no one in particular) REALLY? REALLY? YOU BASICALLY TELL ME HOW FREAKING OLD I AM COMPARED TO YOU AND THEN EXPECT ME TO GIVE YOU MONEY?! You need to change tactics buddy and fast! No one is giving cash to someone who was in the 7th grade when they graduated college!!!

On a similar note, this reminds me of the time two years ago when I was hugely pregnant with the kid and sitting around the living room minding my business and sweating my butt off (It was August). The doorbell rings, and the girl standing there from the local chapter of Democrats asks me, “ARE  YOUR PARENTS HOME?”

I was like, what? I’M NOT A PREGNANT TEEN!!!!!

And she goes, Oh, uh, well, would you like to donate to the Democratic party?!
HA, gotta love her perseverance!!!


Missing in Action!

Sorry for the delay in recent updating, but life has been very busy! Also, the mouse on my computer died and the actual keypad on my laptop died long ago when I stupidly let the Kid play with it once, so I was without a means to communicate to the outside world!!

A week or so without a computer used to be much worse back in the day when I did real work, ie: paper writing, instant messenger, yadda yadda. Nowadays I have a glorious smartphone that allows me to do anything I would need to do on a computer except update my blog and play The Sims Social.

I have to say, my Sims are VERY displeased with the neglect I’ve caused them. I logged on a little while ago and my toilets were broken, the sinks were spraying all over and my poor Sim was huddled in the corner trying to pee and also eat at the same time, yet accomplishing nothing! There is nothing like leaving an online video game unattended to really make you feel guilty about your lack of life skills.

I mean, really, if I can’t keep a Sim alive, how on earth am I surviving this very minute?! I have no idea how I manage to dress myself each day and keep myself fed if I can’t even click a button daily to feed my poor Sim!! I am failing as a human being!!

I guess I could go the route of the other games I used to play: Farmville and Cafe World, and just forget to play for so long that when I log in again, the tasks I’m supposed to do to keep up are now so unfathomably great that I just decide its easier to stop playing altogether.


Whatever happened to a nice game of Duck Hunt or Super Mario? That, my friends, was easy virtual living!