Having a Bad Week? Let some Young Art Students Cheer You Up!

I’ve had a very long week this week, not sure why, but I can’t fall asleep at night! I’m up til like 1am and then of course am zombie lady the next day. Why this very evening I was SO tired that when the husband came home from work, I fell asleep for a full 30 minutes and woke up having no clue any time had passed! Whoops!

However, I was super busy this week but I’ve had some great days at work and home. My kid and students never cease to crack me up! I figured I’d pass some of the gems on to you!

Just this morning I was teaching my first graders about Hundertwasser and was telling them a bit about him, including that he died in the year 2000. The kids were all like, I wasn’t even born yet!! (OMG I AM SO OLD) “Oh wow, I’m OLD!”, I said to the kids, “I was 20 when he died!” Some smarties did some quick math and shout out, “Wait, Mrs. M you are 32!????!!!! I thought you were 18!”

Ah, yes children, learn the art of lying to a woman about her age now! It never gets old!! 🙂


My own kid just recently has begun the final stages in bottle weaning…dun dun dunnnnn! That really just means that currently she drinks most of her milk out of a sippy except the night time bottle, which she always has chugged in her room and then immediately tosses aside and demands to go to sleep. This is awesome. Why do I want to change this? I asked my husband. Why can’t she just chug a bottle til she’s old enough to know better?!

Blah blah something about dental hygiene, the doctor will yell at us! He says.So FINE we started the slooow process of de-bottling as I assumed it would be the hardest habit to break. Well. Now she drinks the bottle still downstairs, then brushes her teeth, turns off the tv and goes up for books. We read..she looks at us and cracks up because she thinks its hysterical to be read to at night without a bottle. She climbs off our laps and investigates her room while we keep trying to read and eventually she just takes the hand of whoever is doing this night time thing that day and makes us put her in her crib. Then she says be gone with you and rolls around laughing hysterically til she falls asleep! Clearly the child is beside herself with the routine change…ha! I am hoping then that next week when we ditch the bottle for good she won’t mind one bit.

But…I’ll mind! That makes it official that this crazy baby is now a crazy toddler. They grow up so fast!!


Last story:

Oh yeah….I’ve been having a hard time with my Kindergardens this year because they have switched to half day programs at my district, and to compensate they only come to Art TWICE A MONTH! Total bummer, particularly, it seems for retention!

We have so far learned about 2 famous artists, and are on our 3rd now. Every week I try to recap by asking, “Who have we been learning about?” And every week every single child in all 8 of my classes gleefully exclaims “CLAUDE MONET!!!!”

yeah well, that was great BACK IN SEPTEMBER! How on earth do they not retain a single other name!? I make them shout the names and whisper the names and sing the names and still…Claude Monet! I tell them how there are so many artists they are all important and its good to learn all their names etc. Still…Claude Monet!

I mean, just today this is the actual conversation we had:
“Here is a new artist! Are you ready for his name? It is Piet Mondrian! Can everyone say his name?”

“Hooray! So What is his name?”
“And next week when I ask you who the artist is we just starting learning about, what will you say?”

Giant pause…then….


Oh crap!!


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