Mean Mama Bear

Last night was a date night for the husband and I. The little one was at her grandparents at their request and we never like to deny anyone seeing the Kid, so she went off to eat cookies and play with crayola fun bubbles, and we went to see The Hunger Games.

I’d actually never heard of the movie or the books until they started releasing the trailers and my sci-fi obsessed husband made me watch them. He’s read all of the books and was intrigued by the movie, I figured it looked interesting, so why not? However, I didn’t realize that I’d agreed to see the movie ON OPENING NIGHT.

I also didn’t realize that this movie makes teenagers even more crazy than Harry Potter and Twilight COMBINED. No really, I’m fairly sure I am right! We ended up SURROUNDED by teens. They clapped and cheered when the little dancing popcorn guy came on for crying out loud! They collectively cooed ,”Awwwwwwww” every five minutes over something or other that totally confused me as to why it was an awwww. But, I digress.

So anyway, the husband and I went with a couple that we are friends with. We got tickets online and met them at the theater. Right away we realized this was crazy. The place was PACKED with teenagers super psyched to see other kids kill each other for sport! It was totally insane. My husband and his friend went to the food line. His fiancee and I agreed to wait in line for the theater. We get in line and stand around and whatnot, and we are in the middle of it. Suddenly they start letting us in and the line starts moving. Suddenly this woman and a million kids like RUSH past us and I was so floored that someone would actually just shove through you like you’re invisible that I loudly stated to my friend, “Did we just get shoved aside? I can’t believe we just got SHOVED aside! Holy crap we were standing right there!”

I mean, c’mon people! Everyone gets passive aggressive sometimes…and in such a case usually when I make a statement like that the other person either doesn’t hear me or doesn’t care and I feel better that I said something to them but not really, and they feel better because they got to be a jerk and shove me aside to see a teenager movie. But this time, the mom turns to and looks horrified!!!


At this point I turned beet red and felt super bad for her. I mean, geez! 15 teenaged girls?! That’s a suicide mission! I promptly told her not to worry about it, that she was clearly a saint, and we took our spots in front of her and all was fine.

3 Minutes later the line hit a standstill and as I turned to my friend to ask why she thought we stopped the line broke out and everyone behind us, led by the Mama bear basically steamrolled past us. I thought to myself, “Oh, it must be playing in two theaters and they are going to the one on the left!” How naive was I?! EVERYONE TRAMPLED PAST US AND RUSHED THE THEATER! We went from being in the middle to dead last in the line!! We got in and just dove for the first four seats we saw, down in front, not even trying to look up at the good ones first. When we DID get settled (3 rows from the front, sigh!) I glanced up and who do I see in the ultimate best seats in the last row at the top?! Passive Aggressive mama bear! Damn she outplayed me! She was amazing, I have nothing but a horrified awe for someone who actually makes the person who is RIGHT feel badly, and then manages to sneak up to the best seats ever. Holy crap. That woman is an animal!

But it did get me thinking…like, what was the point of me passive aggressively muttering at her anyway? I just felt kind of foolish when she called me on it. It’s a stupid line to a stupid movie, and at the end of the day she had her own crap to deal with, even if she really did do something that was kind of rude.

Not that I won’t stop doing that sort of thing from time to time, I guess its kind of human nature…but it’s probably healthier to just stand up for yourself and not mutter cryptic things and hope/not hope the other person gets it!

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