Improve Your Life by 15%!*

You may or may not recall that back in January I had a super big case of the Winter Blues…I was feeling like I wasn’t doing anything, I was sick of the mess around the house and never wanted to accomplish anything because I was cranky to start with!

But! I sort of gave myself a new life motto and it totally seems to be working! I decided instead of being winge-y and complaining, I was going to just start DOING stuff. Ha! It sounds stupid and overly simple and well, it kind of is. But its certainly easier said than done. I decided to start small and just DO some things each week that would make a big impact over time.  So I feel like I should share what I’ve learned and maybe some of my ideas can help improve your life too!

1. I was super upset because I felt like I didn’t have any friends nearby, or anyone for Kate to play with other than my friend Jen. It’s hard being a semi-stay at home mom. You are just alone with the kid a lot so you want to find other mom friends but particularly where I live most are kind of judgey and stuck up and not very friendly! And then when you are at work, you are only there a brief part of the week so no one tries to get to know you. And you are so busy making sure all your stuff is in order that you don’t have time to try to make work friends anyway. So yeah, it was kind of lonely!

What I decided to DO was find some friends! You know I tried, which did work sort of, but still at any meet up I’ve gone to so far it appears my kid is STILL the only one that runs crazy all over and drags me with that doesn’t really let me chat up the other moms in the room! So since that wasn’t overly working I decided to just DO MORE with the kid. We started playing outside more, cold or hot. We started taking more trips to do stuff like run around Starbucks, or visit the book store, we started being brave at Storytime and asking other moms to go to the park! And now I was so brilliant last week that I suggested to the three moms I’ve been chatting with that we start a weekly play date and they all agreed! Super exciting! Friends for Kid and friends for me!

Work is still sort of another story but I just try to be friendly and smiley all the time. I still don’t have time to leave my classroom much though. At least having friends elsewhere makes it all a bit better anyway!

2. I was feeling like all I did at home besides care for the kid was chores. And that once I did them, everything just piled up again and I would just get SO stressed. The worst things for me were the ironing, bathrooms and dishes.

So I started doing stuff in smaller bursts more frequently. I made Wednesday nights ironing night and I put on crap tv shows like American Idol and only Iron for like 30 mins or so. At the end of that time I just stop and do other stuff. Miraculously after doing this for a few weeks the ironing has actually totally stopped piling up and just now I only was down there for like 15 minutes and there is nothing left to iron even! It doesn’t even bug me to do it that much!

I also started trying to wipe the sinks and stuff once a week, not going crazy, but at least the bathrooms look a bit better longer. We still have to scrub every now and then but at least it’s not mortifying should someone show up to pee unexpected!

Dishes I now do ASAP. I don’t let them pile up or sit if i can help it. It’s totally worth it to spend an extra minute emptying the dishwasher while the kid is eating breakfast and be done with it!

3. I’ve been sad because my jewelry classes are not really picking up as much as I’d hoped. My husband suggested sending flyers out to libraries and I was sort of blah about it, but I DID it and guess what? Two more people called already!

So there are my 3 big ones, I definitely am feeling much better about life since January. Perhaps at this point the sun and spring weather helps too! But either way, I think I’ll stick with my new motto!

*Percentage completely made up.

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