Daylight Savings/Oh how I love the Spring!

So as you are aware Daylight Savings happened this weekend, meaning the world loses an hour of sleep! Oh no!

I must say,  I am in the minority I’m SURE, but I actually LOVE Spring Daylight Savings time. I don’t care that we lose an hour, we GAIN SUNSHINE! Warmth! Flowers and the ice cream man! How can that be bad people? How!?

Besides all this awesome warm weather, sunshine and happiness that comes along with the Spring, I also don’t much care about Daylight Savings because I have a kid. A kid who is not yet 2, which means that she has her own alarm people, and Daylight Savings doesn’t mean crap to her!

It was FAR worse in the fall, when everyone else gained an hour of sleep. Oh no, not us! She wakes up generally between 6 and 6:30, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. If she’s cutting teeth or sick, she can wake up as early as 5am!! In the Fall…she was cutting mega teeth and then Daylight Savings hit. The cherub awoke every day for about three weeks at 4:30 am. That’s right. 4:30. In the freaking MORNING. That was a good time for everyone! She finally adjusted/her teeth came in after like a month or so, but that was ROUGH.

For this current time change, all we did was keep her up like 15 minutes later and she asked to go to sleep anyways cuz she really relies on her routine at night to get to sleep. So she went to sleep at 7:45 (6:45 I guess?) and slept til 7 this morning. I think with spring we are the only people who kind of GAIN an hour!

So anyway, I am psyched for warm weather and sunshiny days. Which means there will probably be a freak snowstorm by the weekend!

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