Parent of the Year!! (or not!)

My daughter is currently cutting her first molar (or maybe its the eyetooth? hard to tell, she bites me when I go searching!) and also one of her bottom front teeth. She’s been a real trooper so far, mainly in good spirits, sleeping okay at night (sometimes she’s been crying for a second but goes back, poor thing), but stuff must be a-rumblin’ today because she has been completely miserable! So miserable, in fact, that I was at the point of trying anything at all that worked to make her un-miserable. We watched tv all day! She didn’t even really care about it most of the time but anytime I tried to turn it off she’d freak so I just said, “okay! Mickey mouse all day! Let’s do this!” Worst parent ever. Right?!

This leads me to now admit, as long as I’m admitting things, to the other terrible things I’ve done as a parent!


1. I let her play with a clean wipe while I’m changing her. Often, she sucks on the wipe and I take it away as soon as we are done. Listen. She’s crazy! She half the time is pleasant and delightful when getting changed. The other half, she screams at you and does a tuck and roll to get away- diapered or not. Poop or not! If a wipe keeps her still, she’s sure as heck going to eat a wipe!

2. I give her toys that are supposed to be for 3 year olds. Look, I feel I’m not the only one who does this! Toys for 15 month olds SUCK. They are lame and useless and kids KNOW this. The fun stuff is for 3 year olds! I watch her like a hawk generally and always when there are small things she might deem good to eat! Her favorite things (magna doodle, Lego type blocks) are for 3 year olds. Her other favorite things are household items which have no age suggestion so whatever!

3. Sometimes I fall asleep when she is playing. This one is sort of bad. I KNOW! She is a pretty independant player though. She likes to do her thing and as long as I’m in the room, she’s cool! She brings me toys and things from time to time, but often goes like 45 mins without wanting to hang with me. But she won’t let me watch anything I like on tv so what happens?! I doze people! I doze off! And she thinks its funny and hits me on the head with the remote control to wake me up!

4. When she does something she shouldn’t, that is dangerous but not like, life threatening, I’ve taken to singing the song “Dangerous” by my favorite MC,ย  Busta Rhymes. (You know, “This. is. serious. We can make you delirious. You should have a healthy fear of us because too much of us is Dangerous!”) I like to make her dance to it and swing her arms in the air and sing it and she cracks up. But uh, now she will PURPOSELY do these dangerous things and then look at me with her arms in the air ready to dance! Whoops!

5. Well, I don’t have a number 5 yet, but hey, she’s only 15 months. I’ve got YEARS of terrible parenting mistakes left to do and then admit! (Maybe)!

2 thoughts on “Parent of the Year!! (or not!)

  1. Things I have done:
    1. Sesame street is almost always on the tv.
    2. I often sleep when Sam is playing. He likes to bury me in toys.
    3. He swiffers my floors (hello, child labor laws!)
    4. I’m fairly certain the only toys are for much older kids. Whatever, he’s advanced in the playing area!
    5. I’m sure there’s more…:-)

  2. I ALWAYS napped when Eric was young… Hey… The room was baby proofed and he was gated in… Dora was the only show he’d watch and I had no desire to learn Spanish from the young, brave, adventurous tike. Also… I, like you, worked. I got up each morning at 5 and worked, teaching on my feet, all day…. So helll… I was tired. He learned to play by himself and I was rested, so It was a win – win in my eyes. He would wake me when he wanted a drink so he also learned to keep himself hydrated ๐Ÿ™‚ …Happier Mommies make happier kids… I did however start a therapy bank account for him…lol… Just in case I really am doing mental harm ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s turning ten in 2 1/2 weeks… I still nap with him home alone…Only now he doesn’t wake me as much, he can get his own drinks ๐Ÿ™‚
    I guess what I’m getting at is we, as Moms, do what we can to get through it all. Our kids are growing up fine ๐Ÿ™‚ they are happy and healthy… It all goes too fast… And the fact that Eric still wants to ” hang out ” with me alone on the weekend and go on “adventures”,rather than other things, shows me that napping , or leaving the tv on as a sitter when he was young and I was cranky, didn’t harm him…
    You’re a great mom! Your daughter is lucky…so are you!!! Keep up the good work!

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