Getting Crafty!

My daughter used finger paints for the first time the other day. It was SO awesome! She started out timidly, using a brush and pushing around the paints, but pretty soon was smooshing it all over the place, laughing with glee and pointing at the paint tubes for me to add more to the papers!

Eventually she was so overcome with happiness that she (Sigh) grabbed the tablecloth and papers and yanked them all off the table on onto herself! HA! She was totally coated in green paint and I was laughing and so was she. Oh well, we had fun and will totally paint again soon!

However, once the paint was cleaned and I had time to look at her super awesome artwork, I was sad to see them all crinkled and ripped! I want to save them and treasure them in her art box! Then, I had a super awesome brainstorm!

I got a cheap frame from Michael’s, printed out a picture I took of her painting, and used the actual painting as a matte! It was so easy! The frame I bought came with a matte, so I traced the shape onto the painting and cut it out. Easy as can be! My only problem was that I was so excited to try this that I used scissors and as a result the cuts were not as precise as I’d like. Next time I would use an exacto knife. You could also just cut the picture to fit the frame and position the photo on top of it in the center of the frame and use it as a background instead. Either way a nifty way to showcase your kid’s work!

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