Oh Where Oh Where is Mr. Bear!?

My daughter, whom I refer to often in this blog as “The Kid”, is 15 months old. She is fun, active and awesome! She also is one of those kids who is very firmly attached to one certain stuffed animal, who she sleeps with every night and who comes with us pretty much whenever we leave the house. Her little buddy is a very scruffy teddy bear that my husband and I in a fit of creativity have named Mr. Bear.

Mr. Bear became the kid’s favorite thing ever about a year ago, when she was about 4 or 5 months old. He had bought Mr. Bear for her before she was even born and we suddenly remembered he existed, pulled him out of the bag he’d been hiding in to show her, and the rest was history. Love at first snuggle!

Now, I don’t mind that she loves this bear. I find it kind of cute, but not always…for example, sometimes she refuses to eat without Mr. Bear by her side. This gets rather messy and Mr. Bear for some unknown reason is supposedly NOT MACHINE WASHABLE.

I know. I KNOW! All the parents reading this are gasping with shock and outrage! What kind of toy company creates a snuggly bear that you CAN’T CLEAN! The website claims a wet rag will remove any dirt. Well I’ve tried that and it doesn’t do much. We have found a dry cleaning kit kind of works, but I don’t know…one of these days I’m going to have to bite the bullet and see what happens if I wash him, but I’m AFRAID!

Another problem is that I can’t seem to find this particular bear in any stores. The Husband found him in Anthropologie when I was pregnant and forcing him to take me places to find clothes that didn’t fit me…but that’s a different story entirely! The point is, they don’t sell him anymore. This is very bad because I am also dreading the day that we lose him somewhere and luck stops knocking on my door and bringing the bear back to us! It’s going to happen and then we are screwed!

Just the past two weeks alone, she has managed to lose him in our backyard (found him in her little play house), drop him repeatedly on a walk around town (Almost had to dive into traffic to save him!), lose him at the grocery store (Thank goodness the deli clerk saw the bear and actually chased me down in the store to return him!) and lost him right outside of Dunkin’ Donuts.(Thank you kind old lady for returning him!)

Why is it the bear she holds dearest is always getting chucked out the side of the stroller!!? Perhaps she’s heard that old saying made popular by Beavis and Butthead, “If you love something, set it free…if it loves you back, it will return!” Or something like that.

All I know is, I am starting to think I might need to do more in-depth research for a Bear Replacement!

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