Thursdays Rock!

This year I only work two days a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays. I love my job and really am enjoying that I was able to swing staying home three days and hanging out with my awesome kid, but two days a week I still get to dress in real clothes, go to work and hang out/teach my awesome students!

Tuesdays are usually pretty lovely, but I absolutely LOVE my Thursdays, mainly because of my Kindergartners. I have two sections of Kinders on Thursdays: the morning class and the afternoon class. Now, I have one morning section on Tuesdays, but they are a larger group of kids and as a result I am still getting to know them. My Thursdays are small classes so I already know each of the kids pretty well, and they are really very fun! They keep me on my toes and remind me why I wanted to teach art to begin with! Plus they clap whenever I draw anything, which is really great for my self esteem!

Today for instance, my morning Kinders come to me and like five of them gather to tell me something “Really important” before sitting down. These things include: My tooth is loose! Its my birthday! Its my birthday in March! My dog ate a cookie and threw up! My mommy is going to take me to the library after school! I love art class and I have paints at home! I know I should be all, “Sit down!” But I must admit: I love their exuberance and always give them really excited responses to this kind of stuff.

Later in the afternoon class as we were getting down to the very important business of painting, the class had a very adorable discussion about how the water that we rinse our brushes in was changing color….Kinders are always filled with awe and amazement over how the water changes color when you add different paint to it. Okay, this is a lie, ALL KIDS ARE FILLED WITH AWE! But anyway, we were using yellows, reds and pinks so their water was turning a lovely shade of melon!

“Oh WOW the water looks like a SMOOTHIE!” says one cherub.

“I want to DRINK it it looks so delicious!” Says another.

Uh oh! I think and am about to suggest that they not try that one, but am saved by a very savvy kid.

“Don’t drink the water! If you do it will taste SO bad!”

And everyone else nodded solemnly in agreement.

Yup, they definitely rock!

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