So perhaps I am in the minority, but I really really don’t like football. I don’t mind baseball, I even like going to games (and eating the food of course!), I like hockey, especially if there are fights! But football? Ugh! Its loud and the rules confuse me and it takes for. freaking. ever!

Tonight’s game? Torturous! Amusingly, the end was torturous for Giants fans and those who hate the game. Those last seconds took like an hour to tick by. I swear at least three times there was still 57 seconds to go. How does an entire minute or two of play occur and the time clock stays the same?! How!?

Oh well, at least we did eat some delicious foods. We had hero of course, delectable pulled pork nachos, this crazy bread stuffed with bacon and cheese and I made these fancy goat cheese balls rolled in bacon, which I assumed would be delicious but were really really nasty. That was sad too! Don’t you hate when you plot and plan a recipe for days and eyeball it from time to time getting all excited to make it and then EAT it and then…its really gross. Or just kind of okay. I hate that too!

Oh well, next weekend I’m planning on baking these chocolate peanut butter swirl cookies  and I KNOW those can’t be bad. There is just no physical way they can be! And in the meantime, I’m capping off this Superbowl Sunday watching a show about chocolate baked goods on the cooking channel and eating a warm delight. Do I know how to party or what?!

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