Getting Crafty!

My daughter used finger paints for the first time the other day. It was SO awesome! She started out timidly, using a brush and pushing around the paints, but pretty soon was smooshing it all over the place, laughing with glee and pointing at the paint tubes for me to add more to the papers!

Eventually she was so overcome with happiness that she (Sigh) grabbed the tablecloth and papers and yanked them all off the table on onto herself! HA! She was totally coated in green paint and I was laughing and so was she. Oh well, we had fun and will totally paint again soon!

However, once the paint was cleaned and I had time to look at her super awesome artwork, I was sad to see them all crinkled and ripped! I want to save them and treasure them in her art box! Then, I had a super awesome brainstorm!

I got a cheap frame from Michael’s, printed out a picture I took of her painting, and used the actual painting as a matte! It was so easy! The frame I bought came with a matte, so I traced the shape onto the painting and cut it out. Easy as can be! My only problem was that I was so excited to try this that I used scissors and as a result the cuts were not as precise as I’d like. Next time I would use an exacto knife. You could also just cut the picture to fit the frame and position the photo on top of it in the center of the frame and use it as a background instead. Either way a nifty way to showcase your kid’s work!


It’s just a couch….

So this Saturday we are getting a new and awesome sectional couch for our Living Room. I am SO excited about it because we have a very small house and the sectional is going to make the room seem so much bigger, yet offer more seating. Awesome! We are also getting sick of the kid trying to dive off the couches into the small openings between them and then almost cracking her head open/reaching the things we put there because its out of her reach. So the new couch is totally going to be swell.

But in the meantime, I had to find something to do with our old couch. I signed up for a donation to St. Vincent De Paul and they were supposed to come this morning to pick it up.

Last night as I sat with the kid snuggling on the couch before bedtime, I started to feel really nostalgic about the couch. I mean, its the first piece of furniture my husband and I bought together. So many memories of movies and eating take out on it, parties and naps. I slept on that couch for a week when I had sinus surgery and damn is it comfy. When the kid was born, I spent countless long nights cuddling her when she was not into sleeping the first few months. The couch has history! But at least I figured it would be going to a good home to someone who needs it.

Well, the guys came, took one look at it and were like, SORRY NOPE. They wouldn’t take it. Why? Becuase of some water stains from when we cleaned up various things and the water sort of puddled. Really? All it needs is a good steam cleaning. That’s it! I had assumed these donation centers you know, CLEANED THINGS before they sell them/give them to the poor. Apparently, they do not. Which is kind of gross and also sad.

So yes, I cried. I cried when the large moving men wouldn’t take my couch and give it a good home. I am not ashamed to admit it, that couch and I are good friends! I feel horrible knowing that it will end up smushed in a junkyard somewhere. It needs a loving family! Sadly, they were unaffected by a crazy lady’s tears, and offered to move it to the side of the house where it will sit til Sunday night when we put it out for the garbage guys to take. Hopefully someone will see it and snatch it up that night and at least then it will have a home once more.

But seriously, I called Salvation Army afterwards just to see, and they won’t take it either! I find that to be so weird. They basically want only brand new donations, but no one donates a couch that is brand new! And why wouldn’t they clean the things they get? Society has saddened me today! Oh well, time to go vacuum the area where there is now no couch and try to keep my mind on the cozy new couch coming Saturday and all the new memories we’ll have with that one!

Oh Where Oh Where is Mr. Bear!?

My daughter, whom I refer to often in this blog as “The Kid”, is 15 months old. She is fun, active and awesome! She also is one of those kids who is very firmly attached to one certain stuffed animal, who she sleeps with every night and who comes with us pretty much whenever we leave the house. Her little buddy is a very scruffy teddy bear that my husband and I in a fit of creativity have named Mr. Bear.

Mr. Bear became the kid’s favorite thing ever about a year ago, when she was about 4 or 5 months old. He had bought Mr. Bear for her before she was even born and we suddenly remembered he existed, pulled him out of the bag he’d been hiding in to show her, and the rest was history. Love at first snuggle!

Now, I don’t mind that she loves this bear. I find it kind of cute, but not always…for example, sometimes she refuses to eat without Mr. Bear by her side. This gets rather messy and Mr. Bear for some unknown reason is supposedly NOT MACHINE WASHABLE.

I know. I KNOW! All the parents reading this are gasping with shock and outrage! What kind of toy company creates a snuggly bear that you CAN’T CLEAN! The website claims a wet rag will remove any dirt. Well I’ve tried that and it doesn’t do much. We have found a dry cleaning kit kind of works, but I don’t know…one of these days I’m going to have to bite the bullet and see what happens if I wash him, but I’m AFRAID!

Another problem is that I can’t seem to find this particular bear in any stores. The Husband found him in Anthropologie when I was pregnant and forcing him to take me places to find clothes that didn’t fit me…but that’s a different story entirely! The point is, they don’t sell him anymore. This is very bad because I am also dreading the day that we lose him somewhere and luck stops knocking on my door and bringing the bear back to us! It’s going to happen and then we are screwed!

Just the past two weeks alone, she has managed to lose him in our backyard (found him in her little play house), drop him repeatedly on a walk around town (Almost had to dive into traffic to save him!), lose him at the grocery store (Thank goodness the deli clerk saw the bear and actually chased me down in the store to return him!) and lost him right outside of Dunkin’ Donuts.(Thank you kind old lady for returning him!)

Why is it the bear she holds dearest is always getting chucked out the side of the stroller!!? Perhaps she’s heard that old saying made popular by Beavis and Butthead, “If you love something, set it free…if it loves you back, it will return!” Or something like that.

All I know is, I am starting to think I might need to do more in-depth research for a Bear Replacement!

Thursdays Rock!

This year I only work two days a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays. I love my job and really am enjoying that I was able to swing staying home three days and hanging out with my awesome kid, but two days a week I still get to dress in real clothes, go to work and hang out/teach my awesome students!

Tuesdays are usually pretty lovely, but I absolutely LOVE my Thursdays, mainly because of my Kindergartners. I have two sections of Kinders on Thursdays: the morning class and the afternoon class. Now, I have one morning section on Tuesdays, but they are a larger group of kids and as a result I am still getting to know them. My Thursdays are small classes so I already know each of the kids pretty well, and they are really very fun! They keep me on my toes and remind me why I wanted to teach art to begin with! Plus they clap whenever I draw anything, which is really great for my self esteem!

Today for instance, my morning Kinders come to me and like five of them gather to tell me something “Really important” before sitting down. These things include: My tooth is loose! Its my birthday! Its my birthday in March! My dog ate a cookie and threw up! My mommy is going to take me to the library after school! I love art class and I have paints at home! I know I should be all, “Sit down!” But I must admit: I love their exuberance and always give them really excited responses to this kind of stuff.

Later in the afternoon class as we were getting down to the very important business of painting, the class had a very adorable discussion about how the water that we rinse our brushes in was changing color….Kinders are always filled with awe and amazement over how the water changes color when you add different paint to it. Okay, this is a lie, ALL KIDS ARE FILLED WITH AWE! But anyway, we were using yellows, reds and pinks so their water was turning a lovely shade of melon!

“Oh WOW the water looks like a SMOOTHIE!” says one cherub.

“I want to DRINK it it looks so delicious!” Says another.

Uh oh! I think and am about to suggest that they not try that one, but am saved by a very savvy kid.

“Don’t drink the water! If you do it will taste SO bad!”

And everyone else nodded solemnly in agreement.

Yup, they definitely rock!


So perhaps I am in the minority, but I really really don’t like football. I don’t mind baseball, I even like going to games (and eating the food of course!), I like hockey, especially if there are fights! But football? Ugh! Its loud and the rules confuse me and it takes for. freaking. ever!

Tonight’s game? Torturous! Amusingly, the end was torturous for Giants fans and those who hate the game. Those last seconds took like an hour to tick by. I swear at least three times there was still 57 seconds to go. How does an entire minute or two of play occur and the time clock stays the same?! How!?

Oh well, at least we did eat some delicious foods. We had hero of course, delectable pulled pork nachos, this crazy bread stuffed with bacon and cheese and I made these fancy goat cheese balls rolled in bacon, which I assumed would be delicious but were really really nasty. That was sad too! Don’t you hate when you plot and plan a recipe for days and eyeball it from time to time getting all excited to make it and then EAT it and then…its really gross. Or just kind of okay. I hate that too!

Oh well, next weekend I’m planning on baking these chocolate peanut butter swirl cookies  and I KNOW those can’t be bad. There is just no physical way they can be! And in the meantime, I’m capping off this Superbowl Sunday watching a show about chocolate baked goods on the cooking channel and eating a warm delight. Do I know how to party or what?!