Today my kid took a miraculous 2 hour and 15 minute nap. It was absolute heaven! During this time I snuggled up on the couch next to her, caught up on my dvr’d episode of “Rachel vs Guy”, napped myself, and then watched more cooking shows the kid never lets me get near during daylight hours. I also ate some pirouette cookies. yum!

So anyway, watching Rachel vs Guy and then seeing a commercial for a show where they run around eating spicy foods made me start thinking about…

The Jobs I would be AWESOME AT (But am not awesome enough to land, apparently)

1.  Hosting a food tv show. I can’t cook like a pro, but I do feel I have a rather sparkling personality and would be great to show people how to cook! I make yummy food, just hack my fingernail off in the process. We could call it something catchy like, “Delicious Disaster”!

2.  Hosting a travel show a la “Great Hotels”. I know that Samantha Brown is just darling, but I am SURE I can go around to fancy fun places and lounge on furniture and drink fancy drinks and jump on the bed of the presidential suite with just as much gusto, if not more! In fact, I know for a fact I’m delightfully personable. Just this afternoon when I was buying wine on my way to yoga I dazzled the Liquor store clerk (who coincidentally looks just like Quentin Tarantino but taller and twitchier) with my dialogue about how I was about to eat a chocolate bar in the parking lot of the gym. He told me I was adorable! Hmmm…. anyway…..

3.  Flavor creator- Like how they have people at Ben and Jerry’s whose entire job is to mix together delicious things and then make them into ice cream and sample them. I could totally do that. Or mix together different kinds of whatever. I like mixing really.

4.  Mystery Shopper or Restaurant Critic. I would be SO good at visiting places and then secretly judging them. I mean, I do that NOW for FREE!

5. Party Planner- I think I would be super awesome at planning really fun themed parties and things for rich people. Well, for ANY people, but only rich people seem to hire that kind of thing. I wouldn’t really want to deal with their sass or their demands, but I would be great at finding cute decor and adorable edibles to go with anything!

So there you have it: the Ultimate list of dream jobs. Oh but i just thought of like 2 more! But a list of 5 is more rounded than a list of 7, so I guess I’ll save the rest for another day! Time to go iron some clothes….which leads me to the list of things I wish I could pay someone else to do for me. But that list is really kind of ginormous. Oh well!

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