A Mystery!

Yesterday afternoon, the husband, kid and I were hanging out in the basement, playing with the crazy new cubicle of tents/tunnels/ball pit she got from one of our friends for Christmas when my husband noticed we had a missed call on the land line phone. “Do we know anyone at this number?”, He asked, rattling off a number that sounded kind of familiar, but not really. Hmm, I thought. Oh well! Suddenly, I heard the phone ringing again. I ran up the stairs, tripped over a highchair, baby doll stroller and almost fell into the granite counter and missed the call again. I look at the phone..same number! Huh, who calls twice in like 5 mins when they got an answering machine the first time?

I check our messages…2 new messages! The plot thickens!

I listen to the messages…”You have one new Sprint text message to landline. First message: Hey–” says the nice robot lady. Huh, weird. I think. I delete and listen on, “You have one new Sprint text message to landline. Got new phon-”

Huh, someone is totally texting our landline phone? How does that even happen? What’s worse, they seem to not realize that they have no idea who I am or that it isn’t a cell phone. I hope they don’t keep on text– Ring ring!

Oh man! The phone rang again! I looked at caller id: same number! This person was planning on harassing me for days!!

I pick up…”You have one new Sprint text message to landline: sorry was in the store but am out of the store now this phone is tricky to get used to-”

Suddenly I realized. Oh no. It was almost worse than a stranger…I quickly called to confirm: “Mom, did you just get a new cell phone?” “I did!! Did you get my text messages? I have no idea what I’m doing!!”

And this is why they should not be selling my mother technologically advanced things. She never leaves her phone on, and can’t figure out how to turn it off when it IS on, but she managed to text my house?! One of a kind that woman, one of a kind!

In other news, I made two kinds of soup this weekend and the kid got to play in snow for the first time in her entire life. She LOVED it! It was pretty awesome to see her flop down in a pile of snow and pull her mittens off, touch the freezing snow and promptly give her mittens to me so she could get them back on her hands ASAP. ha!

Oh and because I am pathetic and have no friends, I joined a bunch of Long Island mom Meet Up groups. I have a playdate with mystery people on Friday! I am a bit concerned, its like I ventured into online dating, but with moms and babies instead. What will we talk about? I can’ t escape out the bathroom with a kid in tow if it goes awry! What will I do?!

I will keep you apprised of the situation as it unfolds!

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