First Post!

Oh look at this, I’ve got a new blog! I’ve been thinking about changing my food blog into a blog of another kind for awhile now, but then I was thinking, “Hey but what if some day you have time to actually post food there?! What if you somehow become better at photographing food and then one day people want to read it!? What then!!?” So, I left that blog alone for now. And have started a new one. I had grand plans today to write all about myself, my kid, how I’m really loving that I only work 2 days a week and spend the rest of my days with my spunky and adorable 14 month old, who just turned 14 months today!!

But then she refused to take a nap. And then when I finallly tricked her into a nap by taking her for a brisk walk in the stroller outside (yes, its like 35 degrees and windy but desperate times call for desperate measures! She was bundled!) and then I even successfully got her back inside and on the couch still asleep!

And then she woke up a whopping 30 minutes later and screamed her face off for about 40 minutes, refusing any forms of love, distractions or bottles and I didn’t know what to do. And then she stopped that but by then, I could not get near a computer to save my life!

And even just now I was like, great, I’ll set up this blog after bed and be awesome about it! But then she pooped in the tub and my husband is at a work thing so I had to deal with it all by myself (for the second time this week! But that’s another story….) and then she made me put her to bed early but rolled around and alternately laughed and got me nervous she might start screaming for a freaking HOUR.

So now she’s finally asleep. My nerves are shot. And I can’t remember what I was doing just now in the first place….welcome to my life!

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